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How Slow Living In The City Can Save Money

It's Not How Much You Make, But How Much You Keep

These are the words we live by today. As our family is starting our slow living journey, we

intend to practice a minimalist lifestyle. But slow living is not all about moving to a

farmhouse in the countryside and start gardening as well as canning all our food. We all

have our jobs that make some things not applicable to many of us. This year we have a

goal of saving at least $30,000 for our emergency fund as a family of 3 living in San

Diego, California.

Often times people associate their worth with what they can buy, from the biggest

house they live in to the fanciest car they drive as well as the brands of the clothes and

accessories they wear. It's the gratification of showing to others that they have made it

in life.

It's all in the mindset. Think this way, a one-bedroom apartment is better than being

homeless. My husband would always say "Always remember what is

important, as long as we are together and healthy, that is all that matters."

You have to be mindful of how much you are bringing in versus how much you are

spending. It's not how much you make that is the problem, it's how much you spend.

Take control of your spending activity. Make a monthly budget , tell your money where

to go. Pay your debt in order to free up a huge chunk of your money.

This year our goal is to have an earnings-first mindset and is less concerned with

reducing expenses since we are already spending only for our needs. I recently learned

that finding ways to cut back on things like groceries is "thinking small" and that we

should instead focus that energy on figuring out how to generate more income.

The easiest way to set aside money for the future is to automate your savings: every

month, $730 goes straight to pension, $400 to 403b plan, $25 goes to 457, $20 goes to

after-tax DCP, $400 goes to health savings account (HSA), $200 goes to American Funds

and $2,000 goes to the emergency fund, putting our total savings amount at $3,775.

As you increase your savings rate, the time it takes to become financially independent


A lot of people think they need more money to have a better life. Consuming more does

not make you happy in life. Slow living can help you experience a more meaningful life.

Be frugal, focus on experiences and relationships, not material things. Make an effort to

be truly present and aware of the things that matter. Start appreciating what you have

instead of longing for what you don’t have.


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