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How To Be Happy

Before I thought I needed so much money to live. I realise that changing my perspective on things and focus on what is important - time well spent with family, good health, food on the table, roof on my head and transportation - seeing that there was very little I needed to live very well and realising I have so much already.

We all live in this world where the attitude of buying, spending and accumulating things is a norm. Advertisements from big companies will encourage you that you need so much stuff in order to be happy. Sometimes we are what's making us miserable. There is this void in your life and filling the void with consumer purchases attempting to buy your way to happiness. Back in the day, things were well-made and long lasting. If something is broken, it was mended not thrown away. Now a days, things are easily broken leading to the never ending cycle of consumerism.

The secret to happiness is being grateful and contented with what you have. As what my favourite influencer and speaker once said :

" Let's not make happiness and success about the size of our homes, but about the size of our hearts, let's not make it about gratification but gratitude." -Jay Shetty

One day our little princess asked, are we rich? Should we tell her that we are rich? or that we are poor? I am amazed by the innocence of the child. We should find the innocence of a child in each of us where we see gratitude in every activity that is seemingly mundane before but now becomes precious, memories that money will never ever buy.

Find your purpose to give life a greater sense of meaning. In living more simply and more sustainably, try to find joys in all these little steps that you do. I encourage you to practice mindful, intentional and fruitful actions. Turning away from the world's hurried pace and settling into gentler rhythms that keeps life simple and free.

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